Bolivar Heights Community Association Membership Form

Join the Bolivar Heights Community Association

  1. Gain access to the community forum
  2. Actively participate by posting notices, crime reports, garage sales and more in the forum
  3. Have your issues and concerns represented at regular meetings with the City of Surrey
  4. Gain access to local community events such as BBQs, Garage Sales, and more
  5. Stand together against crime and make a difference to your neighbourhood and street
  6. Gain the support and strength of a community when dealing with bylaw issues and criminal activities in your neighbourhood

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Safety Reducing Crime and Protecting Our Neighbourhood
Social Organizing local events, BBQs, garage sales, and more
Clean Keeping our parks and streets garbage free and clean
Green Making our neighbourhood a beautiful place to walk and live
Membership Meeting new neighbours, spreading the word, increasing membership
Communication Bringing our message public to City Hall, the media, and more
Finance Managing our budget, applying for grants, looking for sponsorship and funding
Parks Working with Surrey Parks dept. to ensure our park
Development Futures Voicing our needs on new development including the Gateway Project

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