#105 10663 King George Highway,
Surrey BC V3T 2X6

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:30am-8pm
Wednesday: 10:30am-8pm
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Saturday: 10am-7:30pm
Sunday: 12:30pm-5:30pm

This unique store, on the King George Highway across from the Dell @ 106, offers local residents a freshly made, home-cooked style African menu lunch or dinner. With snacks, cooking supplies, basic African menu groceries, Warming Pots, and a large selection of exquisite fabrics and ready-sewn occaisionary mens and ladies outfits, this local shop is a great place to meet locals and enjoy some exotic flavours.
Lunch and Dinner Menu
Below is a selection from the Menu items available. Call 604-582-4803 for Dine-In Daily Specials or to pre-order your Take Out Meals. At Taste of Africa you can order fresh, hearty portions at affordable prices. Sit down with friends at our tables or enjoy a quiet meal at the counter.
-Spinach Stew and Slices of Yam
-Friend Plantains and Black Eyed Beans
-Jollof Rice with any Choice of Meat or Fish
-Rice and Black Eye Beans (Waakye)
-White Rice with Fried Chicken
-Beef Stew with Rice
-Spinach Stew with Green Plantains
-Okro Stew and Banku
-Pounded Yam or Eba with Bitter Leaf Soup
-Peanut / Palmnut Soup and Rice Balls (Every Saturday and Sunday)
-Fufu with Light Soup / Palmnut Soup / Peanut Soup (Every Saturday)
-Pastries and Pies
-Cold Drinks including: Mango Juice, Coconut Water, VitaMalt, Prune Juice Quava & Carrot Juice, Pineapple Juice, Vanilla and Cream Soda
Clothing and Fabric
Come purchase brand new exquiste lace fabric from England; a local seamstress is available to custom make your occaisionary dress or suit. With a large variety of bold, exotic colours and styles this selection of 5 yard lace fabric will make the perfect statement at your church, wedding, party or outting. Then accessories your outfit with shoes, purses, jewlerey and more.
-5 yard Lace Fabric choices
-Purses and Bags
-Ready-Made, in a variety of size, occaisionary wear for ladies and gentlemen.
Groceries / Supplies
Do you love to make African Dishes for your family and friends? Now you can readily stock up on some much needed basics at the Taste of Africa. Along with warming pots and other cookware you will find those 'hard-to-find' groceries - in bulk bags and convenient small servings.
-Sardines in Multiple Sauces
-Gari made from Cassava
-Dried Shrimp - Great in Soup
-Dried Beans - Perfect for Stews
-Stew Flavouring and Softener, Ground Ginger, Hot Pepper
-Dried Fish of Multiple Types from Africa, including Canned Maquerel (obaatanpa)
-Potatoe Starch
-Corn Meal
-Potatoe Flakes
-Palm Oil
-Palmnut Cream - Super in Soup
-Fish Sauce (shirto)
-Snacks and Drinks
Contact Information: Becky Takyi, Owner
#105-10663 King George Highway, Surrey BC V3T 2X6B
Tel: 604-582-4803
Fax: 604-572-4833
Cell: 604-761-3380
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