How Sidewalks Projects are Funded in the City of Surrey

Under The City of Surrey’s “Capital Sidewalk Program” there exists an annual 1 million dollar budget to fund Sidewalk Projects/ Improvements in “Established Areas”. 1 million dollars does not go far, when a 4 foot wide City sidewalk generally costs around $300 per meter of length, in order for it to be engineered, designed, formed, and poured! If you feel your area warrants a new Sidewalk, submit your project to the City of Surrey Transportation Department, and share your ideas with other BHCA members so we can advocate together! The City of Surrey has been very responsive in recent years in making significant improvements in our area. However, generally unless a proposal is received by the City of Surrey, it is not possible to access the “Capital Sidewalk Program”, as it is “oversubscribed”, meaning there are far more projects requested than can be funded.

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