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Are you A Forum Guest? You Arent Seeing the Whole Picture!
« on: December 27, 2007, 12:31:14 AM »
Welcome to the Bolivar Heights Forum.

As a Guest - you have limited access to view the boards and topics reserved for registered members.

The most important board that is reserved for registered members is the Incident Report Board. This board is where members post information about crimes, suspicious behaviour, or other behaviour that is disruptive to the safety and comfort of the Bolivar Heights residents. The more members we have sharing their stories - the more effective our demands are to the City of Surrey. The City of Surrey cannot budget more resources (both financial and human) to deal with crime in our community if we dont report the incidents.

Reporting the incident first to the correct authority means that the City knows about the problems.

Reporting the incident second to the BH community means your neighbours up & down know about the problems and can help be ears & eyes for the city. As well, as a community with a small circle of people - we may be more easily able to link related crimes (once you become a member - you can see that this has happened many times already) and then get the City to see the impact.

The forum is like a GIANT BLOCKWATCH. If you ever wanted to join a blockwatch but didnt have time - the forum is ideal - because you can function like a blockwatch member but you can do it all from your computer - any time of day!

To join the Bolivar Heights Community Association - your primary obligation is to ensure you are a Bolivar Heights Resident (see the boundary map on the home page).

Please complete the membership form:  and you can be approved quickly.
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