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Hello BH Folks,
    I am sharing this information regarding an important issue in Surrey just outside of Bolivar Heights. Changes to Hawthorne Park may very well effect the quality of the creek system running through Bon Accord Creek in Invegarry Park.

   Many are aware that there is a proposal to build a new road through part of Hawthorne Park, and also continue it through the Hjorth Road Elementary School play field. I have attached all the information sent to me by Grant Rice, who was very supportive of our down-zoning proposal, and is centrally involved in preventing this road being built.

    I am sharing this information because I do not wish to take a stand on this issue myself. I feel conflicted. Of course, like most people I do not favour building a road through a park -or a school playground- for that matter. But, at the same time, I recognize that as a city we cannot have growth and development without roads and other necessary infrastructure. I do, however support Grant Rice in his well informed causes, so I wish to share this information so others can make their own decisions.

   I suspect that given the caliber and media savvy of some of the people getting involved in this cause- that the road plan may get quashed- but I also ask how can we can continue to grow and develop without also recognizing the need for large roads to move us all. I also understand that the process being required by City of Surrey is very onerous on this group, and the road may very well go ahead.
   To give you an idea of why I do not want to take a stand, I will provide the following background.

   In 1976, my family bought it's first house in Surrey on 144 th St, two blocks North of where Hawthorne is today. Back then there were many tiny ranchers (800 sq. ft was large) on big lots along 144th, with very few cars on 144th, it was virtually desolate at night. Today there large houses, four plexes, townhouses, etc. all around Hawthorne Park on all sides, and these people all have to get around Surrey and to their jobs somehow. In 1976, there was also no Hawthorne Park, indeed it was funded through the development and property taxes paid by residents in the new houses and other development.
    As they grow, Guildford and City Centre will need to have increased road connections, and I think it is hypocritical for many to oppose this project when most residents in Surrey (including myself) have been brought here during its growth, meaning we have necessitated the very existence of this new road, and the similar aim of building an LRT or preferably Skytrain along 104 Ave. So I am "for" the passion people have shown for this cause, and regret the damage to the park (I wish there was an alternative route), but as a resident of the Hawthorne/Bolivar Heights area since 1976, I am "neutral" on the construction of the road through Hawthorne Park, because I have partially necessitated it. For me to argue anything else seems sanctimonious.

Mark Styles
BHCA Director/ Secretary

Here is the information from Grant Rice and the Save Surrey Parks organization. Please base your decisions on his well informed ideas.

Dear Friend of the Environment,
Save Hawthorne Park Information and David Suzuki Rally
The Save Hawthorne Park group are Surrey residents opposed to the City’s plan to put a two-lane road through our neighbourhood park. We need the help of community leaders like you to help us stop this initiative. We are looking for volunteers across the city to collect signed forms and establish drop off stations in all of Surrey’s town centres. A list of current drop-off locations is available on our web site. Please send this on to everyone you know in Surrey.

We have met with city counsellors and senior management to discuss alternatives to their plan. On July 24th with support of over 100 residents and nearly 7,000 petition signatures, we made a presentation to Council asking them to stop the proposal and engage in meaningful consultation.

That same evening Surrey City Council voted unanimously to launch an Alternative Approval Process to pass a bylaw to repeal a 1979 bylaw that protects a large portion of Hawthorne Park. This process now allows council to avoid a referendum and instead requires citizens to gather 30,327 signed response forms by September 22nd.

Council has dismissed wide-spread opposition to the proposed road and has rejected any of our efforts to compromise including a relocation of the 104th Avenue utilities to an existing sewer main path along 106th Avenue. The Engineering Department is fast tracking this road-building project without proper traffic analyses, impacts to properties, and the neighbouring school. No studies have been conducted on air quality, noise pollution, site drainage, or water table impacts.

The city’s proposal does not consider the principles and objectives of the Sustainability Charter, the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy nor Surrey’s Transportation Strategy. The isolation of a large portion of the forest is not taken into consideration. Neither has loss and fragmentation of wildlife habitat, Riparian Area Regulations, the affect on the Red-coded Creek, and species at risk. The value of undisturbed park and forest space to human health has been ignored.

Dr. Suzuki and the Blue Dot movement
Save Hawthorne Park has just announced an important ally to our cause. World-renowned environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki will be speaking at our rally on September 16th at noon in the City Hall Plaza. He will speak to the importance of environmental rights, as well as Surrey Council’s failure to live up to its commitments to the Blue Dot movement.  The Blue Dot movement is a campaign to support the groundswell of Canadians who want meaningful action to protect the people and places they love by recognizing the right to a healthy environment.

We are asking for Surrey residents to sign the Electoral Response Forms and/or volunteer to help us collect signatures. We are hoping to have a fillable form available online soon. In the meantime, we need to follow the City of Surrey rules in our response to the AAP. Please help as the next park in the city’s road-building plans, might be next to you.  

Attached is a copy of the Electoral Response Form and a poster for the Sept.16th David Suzuki rally.

For further information, please contact: or reply to this email if you can help us in this campaign.

Visit our web site and join our Save Hawthorne Park Facebook group.

This NEW.
On each Thursday night of July, from 5:30-6:30 PM there will be Free "Bollywood Aerobic Classes" happening at the old site of Grosvenor Road School. This is the location of the temporary park at the bottom of Grosvenor Road at Binnie Road in Whalley (13601 Grosvenor Rd). It's FREE and Open to all ages and levels of experience. People are encouraged to wear runners and bring a water bottle. If there is rain, it is likely that the event will be cancelled.

Flyer is attached below.
Hello BHCA Folks,
    I can tell you that at about 10:15 pm on Monday June 26/ 2017 the "Flamingo Block" Proposal passed Third Reading and the vote was "unanimous" in support of the proposal! There is a lot of hope in the success of this proposal and the positive influence it will have in the general area of North Whalley (Whalley's Corner's), and let's hope that continued positive development from Tien Cher will lead to better things for our neighbourhood of Bolivar Heights! I must say that Charon Sethi and his team have made a commitment to the Whalley area, and their projects have significantly improved the area of Whalley adjacent to 108 Ave, from Whalley Boulevard to almost 140 (with some other unrelated developments). I too look forward to the day that proximity to Whalley will be seen as an asset rather than detriment.

Several folks from BH were present and everyone of the approximately 10 speakers on the night spoke in favour of the proposal!

Well done everyone,
This passed.
Link to information about the City of Surrey's Information Meetings planned to share information regarding Translink's planned LRT Transit system including the planned at grade train planned for 104 Ave.

The information is located on the Website below as well but here are the times and locations:

Saturday, June 17, 2017 Surrey Arts Centre 13750 88 Avenue 10 am to 2 pm

Thursday, June 22, 2017  Surrey City Hall Atrium 13450 104 Avenue 3 to 7 pm

Thursday, June 29, 2017 Peoples Church 14455 104 Avenue 4 pm to 8 pm   

See more at:
It was nice seeing penny Priddy, kudos to the developer for finally helping to get rid of the porno store and the Byrd   motel thing.
Announcement of Public Hearing and Third Reading for what is being called the "Flamingo Square" will be held at Surrey City Hall Chambers on Monday June 26, 2017 at 7 pm. This Development Proposal is for the piece of land that currently holds the Flamingo Hotel/ Byrd Pub, etc. This development is being lead and proposed by Charan Sethi of Tien Sher Group of Companies, who also developed the Quattro development and Balance on Grosvenor Road.

Attached below is a link to the Information and Corporate Report from City of Surrey.

Link to Recent Newspaper article about the Development and the proposal of the Flamingo Square Arts Connection.

Link to Tien Sher Group of Companies Website:

Link to Flamingo Square Arts Connection Website:

Article in "Darpan Magazine" regarding the "changing face of Whalley, and the importance of the Flamingo Square Development:

Older Vancouver Sun Article about the Proposal:
I attended the meeting last night, and although I think everyone (including the CoS Planners) would prefer that a road did not have to go through this beautiful park, it seems that in order to prepare for future growth and road demand, this road will have to be necessary.

I do think the residents should still advocate for Skytrain on 104 Avenue instead of LRT, but either form of train is going to require some more road network to be built in this area, so unfortunately, I can only see that this "two lane" road will have to be built. It will include raised cycling paths as well as Street Trees and Sidewalks, so will provide a safe way for Pedestrians and Cyclists to travel East-West in this part of Surrey. In speaking with a CoS Planner, it was mentioned that the construction of the Port Mann/ City Centre Bike Corridor (with Bon Accord Bridge), was also built partly as an acknowledgement that it would not be feasible to build bike lanes on 104 Avenue.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this network?
Yes, this proposal is outside of Bolivar Heights, but just thought I would mention that there is a proposal to put a new road through Hawthorne Park. It is to be called the 105A Avenue Connector, and seems largely necessary due to the future LRT train going down 104 Ave. The Information Session is tonight (June 7/ 2017) at Guilford Park Secondary, from 5:30-8:30.

     I think we should be arguing for a Skytrain Line down 104 Ave, which will only become more congested with future growth. This way traffic will not be as impacted on 104 Ave as it would with a ground level train. Then "possibly" this new road wouldn't be necessary, or at least not for a number of years into the future. Having a road like this through Hawthorne Park will sever the park into two chunks.

Newspaper Article attached, and information about the meeting below. If you have an opinion on this, there is a link to a Petition in the Newspaper article.
Community Events / Whalley District Town Hall Meeting May 29, 7 pm Whalley Legion
« Last post by Mark on May 25, 2017, 02:52:01 PM »
Whalley District Town Hall Meeting

Location: Whalley Legion, 13525 106 Ave

Date & Time: May 29, 2017, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Contact:Cathrine Levan: 604-562-0300 or

Community: North Surrey

Cost: Free

Whalley District needs your input to help us shape and grow the community!

Come and see the new, proposed Flamingo Square Arts & Culture area and hear how Tien Sher is proposing to preserve the history of Whalley with its latest project. Help us name the buildings after historic people and places.

Let us know what arts & culture you want in your Whalley community.
- See more at:
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